Rollercoaster Season Start

It’s been one of those season starts for the Team in 2017. Last year we got off to the perfect start winning one of the first races of the year, The Trader’s Cup, with David Brody. This year we have had four crashes, five infections, two broken bikes, two bouts of tonsillitis etc etc etc…..all part of the sport and running a team. The great news is that these challenges forces us to learn and from that equip the team with even more experience and knowledge to pass on to the current and future riders. We love turning negative into positive here a iTap.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 09.35.51

David Brody winning Traders Cup 2016

In the images below we can see David Brody getting patched up after his spill in Limerick. While in a good group that looked like it was going away for the day David ended up upside down trying to do a third clavicle. Fortunately for him they both still have the scaffolding fitted so no success there. In the other image Daire Feeley riding for UC Monaco is just about to regain contact with the head of the race. We later found out he took a wrong turn and rode straight into a Hen Party. Looking at his presentation it seems he was luck to get out alive.

For 2017 Team iTap have been very luck to secure new partners and sponsors in the form of Primal Europe, Doormotion, Skoda/Monaghans Galway and retain The Athlete Clinic, Power 2 Max.

Unfortunately the weather since the start of the season has been pretty poor and hasn’t afforded us the chance to fill the camera roll but we will be improving on that over the next month. Good weather is promised this weekend for our journey to Kilmessan GP in Meath so if any of our supporters have some good pictures of our riders we might just have a little competition to see who has the best images for us.

Our Primal Europe kit has been outstanding since the start of the season. Below is Jason Prendergast and David Brody prior to the Des Hanlon Memorial Road Race which forms part of the National League Series. Also included is the the 2 lads again finishing the Newbridge GP. It is great to see how the kit washed out between events and retains it ‘s vibrancy.  The stitching, shammy, fit & quality on our Helix 2.0 Bibs, Shorts & Heavyweight, Race Cut, Long Sleeve Raglan kit is second to none and the riders are loving it. Guess the rider who is number pinning. You need to send this name with the photo’s.

In 2016 we laid our old Team Car to rest. She had more lights lit on the dash board than a christmas tree by the end of the season. We were very much in the market for a new reliable mode of transport for 2017. Every year the Team travels to the UK, Europe and throughout Ireland and with this in mind the transport needed to be quality. This is where Skoda/Monaghans Galway stepped up to the plate. We had discussions with a number of manufacturers throughout September, October  November in order to try get the best deal for the team. Adrian Quinn of Skoda/Monaghans Galway was the man that understand the needs and demands of an U23 Cycling Development Program like iTap. The team received delivery of it’s new Octavia 2.0tdi 150bhp Combi at the end of January without fail and in perfect time for the seasons start. Picture is Adrian Quinn Skoda Brand Manager of Monaghans Galway and Jonathan Gibson Team iTap Director.


Another big asset to the Team this season has been the involvement of DoormotionDoormotion provides financial support to the team. This support allows the team to travel into the UK and Europe for international racing. The exposure to a higher calibre of competition is imperative for the riders development. Costs such as accommodation, boat fares and the ancillaries that go with this are in excess of €3500 per trip for the team. Without Doormotions involvement the cost would have to be born by the riders. When you have young riders who are fulltime riding their bikes and not in fulltime employment the costs can rise very quickly. This puts big demands on families especially in the case of riders from single parent families. Doormotion’s contribution to the team in assisting these young riders is a corner stone.


The Athlete Clinic has been instrumental in the development and setup of Team iTap. All of the teams rider receive continued support either on a daily or weekly basis as required. Regardless of injury, sickness, peak form success or failure The Athlete Clinic is on hand to the riders with guidance and advice on how to recover and improve. Their full suit of Coaching & Athlete Services is one of the foundations to the iTap success story to date.


We would also like to inform all of our supporters that Team iTap will launch the 2017 Team in Skoda/Monaghans Galway Tuam on Thursday 20th April. So put that date in your diary. We will announce at launch time closer to the date.

Thanks for reading, get those images in by tagging us on social media or using #TeamiTap and we will see ye all on the road.

Team iTap

About The Athlete Clinic

Coaching & Athlete Services including, Coaching, Fitness & Physiological Testing, Physical Therapy, Orthopaedic Sports Massage & Injury Management, Strength & Conditioning, Athlete & Group Development Programs, Research & Development Programs
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