Primal Europe partner with Team iTap

Primal Europe partner with Team iTap.

As we finish up our 2016 Season we turn our attention to 2017. Our focus over the next few months is build faster & stronger bike riders. In doing this Team iTap need support. This comes in the form of Partners & Sponsors and without such commitment from business and individuals our U23 Development wouldn’t exist.
Today we would like to introduce Primal Europe. Primal Europe will be Team iTap’s Racing, Active & Lifestyle Clothing Partner for 2017 and beyond. Primal Cycling Apparel is a passion within Primal. A Passion that is reflected in everything they do, from apparel they design and produce to their outstanding customer service. Primal’s collections are for those who ride that extra mile.
Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 13.38.11.png
Primal Europe will design, manufacture and supply the Team’s clothing showing their support for U23 cycling development in Ireland.

Primal Europe also understands that some of us are weekend warriors and some of us are serious athletes and that some of us like to jump off things other people call cliffs. But that we all share one thing that we worship at the temple of raw, wild fun.That sacred place where time stands still or stretches into infinity. At Primal, they make the clothing and accessories you need to answer that call, so you can get out there and make life as fun as it can be. From fabrics that enhance your performance to t-shirts you can wear on your day off. So throw on your Primal and go play nice with the other wild, crazy animals.

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 13.38.38.png
Primal offer a free no obligation custom design service, just contact for your quote.
As they say at Primal,
“Happy Trails”
Team iTap.

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