Tour of the Reservoir Report (2016)

Stage 1 of the 2016 Tour of the Reservoir which is part of the UK’s National Road Series turned out to be a dirty day in the North East of the UK over the weekend. The team was focused on making the move of the day which would have put us in with a shout over the weekend but unfortunatley this didn’t happen. A run of poor luck kept us out of the move and sidelined others. Stephen Murphy still suffering the after effects of an infection he picked up 10 days ago was not up to speed so we took him off the bike due to the very cold and snowy conditions and Darragh Bailey crashed out while in what was left of the main group chasing the 5 leaders. Daire Feeley and David Brody finished in this group chasing the 5 leaders even after both puncturing and Feeley being involved with a pile up and getting a bike change all while the selection of the day was being made.


David Brody Stage 1 Tour of Reservoir 2016


Daire Feeley Stage 1 Tour of Reservoir 2016













Stage 2 was always going to be difficult for the lads, especially against Pro Teams of 8 riders but we again tried to get into the move of the day. It didn’t happen for us as when it went it went fast and the bigger teams shut the race down and controlled it for the day. In the end only 61 riders finished the race out of over 100 who started and only 40 or so in the main group coming in just behind the break at the end of the stage today. Daire Feeley finished a super 22nd over all and David Brody 44th in what was there first big international event against full time pro teams with the bank balance to match. The two different worlds in the images below!


1 of the NFTO Team Cars & Motorhome


iTap Team Car


The weekend trip was a hugh success for everyone involved in the team. The riders especially were the ones to gain most knowing now where they sit in relation to the top riders in the UK and especially how they coped and performed in the British equivalent of the Irish Elite National Road Series. And to say that they all excelled in what they did over the weekend even in the event of adversity they all combined to be a team whether riding the bike or supporting each other once out the characters and culture shone through. Well done to everyone and we look forward to the Lincoln GP in May as our next traveling date.

20160416_125452.jpg20160416_151322.jpgWe are still looking to secure main sponsors for our program and have many other opportunities available to get involved with us here at Team iTap. Please do contact us and together we can only build on what we have achieved to date with these young lads. We can assure you of the strictest confidence in our discussions. Please mail us on

20160416_125528.jpg20160416_122017.jpg                             Last stage                                               Overall Results                            

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 18.37.17Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 18.37.54
Thanks for the Support Guys

Team iTap


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