Season Start

The last number of weeks for the riders have been like pulling teeth. Starting the 2016 season racing season couldn’t have come quick enough. With a great winter in their legs, being full-time on the bike and having the support of The Athlete Clinic who provided all the coaching, testing & athlete services to the rider they could only but deliver one result, a Win and that exactly what they did.

Image by Sean Rowe

Image by Sean Rowe

All of the riders on the team are full-time and 100% committed with the end goal of obtaining a professional cycling contract and making a living out of the sport as a bike rider. This is there job. Sunday morning our Director Sportif Jonathan Gibson said to the riders “lads it’s time to go to work. Others might be here today for a little spin around or as a hobby but for us its work lads so lets get the job done.” Well thats exactly what they did.

The race was handicapped. A3 riders off first with 3 mins to the A2 riders and 2 mins back to the A1 riders. Our new recruit Stephen Murphy (Leinster A3 Road Race Champ 2015) who joined the team in July last year was off with the A2 group. Stephen attacked from the gun and managed on his own to get to within 30 seconds of the A3 Group. He sat at 351w for 45 minutes at 70kg before Darragh Bailey, David Brody, & Daire Feeley came across to him with Chris Reilly from Asea in tow. With all of our team now in the lead group and only one other A1 making the junction it was up to our own lads to finish the job.

Image by Sean Rowe

Image by Sean Rowe

Piling on the pressure eventually a group of around 12/14 riders split from the lead group. This then again split when David Brody attacked and he took Chris Reilly and Colm Quinn with him for company. On the run in to the finish and in the last 5km all 3 riders tried to win solo but to no avail. We knew it would be a drag race to the line if we got there in a small group and with the muscular endurance the lads have built up in training it suited us fine. So when the sprint started it was Quinn who sat up first followed by Reilly allowing Brody to nail his first big win as a senior. See his power meter file below and not hr spike towards the end where we split the lead group and also his attacks in the finale and then his final heart rate in the sprint of 210 beats.

Traders Cup Winners Pow

Traders Cup Winners Power File

Above is the winners power file for the whole race. The rider weight is between 65-70….trade secret! We have been working with Power2Max over the winter and would like to thank them for supplying the Team with state of the art equipment which has enabled The Athlete Clinic to drive fitness and improvements throughout the team. The monitoring and facilitation of power meters along with other physiological data provides the best tools for the development of young athletes.

Power2Max Power Meters

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See ye on the road!

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