O’Neill’s Cycles/ABUS Helmet Sponsorship

Team iTap to remain safe in 2016. In a partnership with O’Neill Cycles & ABUS the team will be wearing   ABUS Bike Helmet Tec-Tical Pro v.2 throughout the 2016 season. I was a very important part of our ethos that the riders all be secured with first class head protection. We have now done that in our partnership with O’Neill Cycles and ABUS. Incidentally this helmet is the one worn by the guys at Bora Argon the same team that looks after Sam Bennett.

ABUS Bike Helmet Tec-Tical Pro v.2

ABUS Bike Helmet Tec-Tical Pro v.2

The particular helmet above will sit perfectly with our team colours and will provide first class head protection. The Team runs a zero tolerance policy for all riders and staff on the team. Everyone who sits on the saddle must have head gear on. It is a very easy way for us adults and full-time bike riders to lead the way in what should be a no brainer. Give ABUS & O’Neill’s a shout for your state of the art helmet whether it be for full on racing or general leisure they have what you need.

team iTap

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