2016 Preparation’s Begin!

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Following on from our successful training camp in 2015 the Team will be returning to An Cruiscin Lan Hotel in Spiddal for 2016. This years camp will run from the 26th – 30th October. The riders will depart Spiddal at 10am on the 26th and 9am each morning for the remained of the week in preparation for their 2016 program.

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 18.27.22Team iTap have 2 vacancies for the 2016 season and are looking for Espoirs (U23 riders) to  complete the line up. If you are interested in spending some time with the team and potentially being part of a world class development program we can be contacted through our contact form or messaged on Facebook

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 18.28.35As part of the riders build for 2016 the first camp is always of great importance in setting out the plan to achieve the goal. Remember “A Goal is only a wish until you have a plan!” Following on from this will see our second camp before Christmas and some warm weather training early in 2016. Not long after will see the start of the 2016 season. Next year will holed some monument domestic racing with the like of the An Post Ras being on the Teams roster. We will also be competing in the UK and Europe quite frequently. We will be releasing our racing calendar in early January.

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We can offer anyone interested in spending the day at one of our camp days a rate of €30 which includes a following vehicle spare wheels and on the bike food and drink. If you wish to over night in Spiddal in the Hotel and spend the day training with the riders a fee of €95 is charged. The overnight contains the same as the rate for training day plus B&B and an evening meal. You can contact us through Facebook or the contact form on this site for bookings. Please do so early as places are limited. This will give anyone interested a valuable insight into what it takes to become a professional bike rider. We look forward to seeing you at the camp Please note all funds raised from the camp will be directly used for the funding of the riders development.

Team iTap

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