An Interview with Daire Feeley

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Daire Feeley pictured centre at the World Junior Road Race Championships in Ponferrada, Spain 2014

When did you decide to go full-time on the bike?

I’ve always wanted to become a full-time cyclist ever since I took up the sport in 2010. I made the decision this year and haven’t looked back since. It’s a big decision but I think I’m able to work my way into the professional ranks with the help from those around me.

What have you put on hold and what sacrifices have you made to ride full-time after school?

Considering the fact that I’m still in school and have a leaving cert to get over and done with the main thing that I have sacrificed is my social life, I miss greatly going out with the lads and having the craic, but in the long run you know these sacrifices will pay off and it may be a key part in my success on the bike in the future.

How has your family helped?

My family are the main reason to why I am still cycling. Last year was a very successful year on the bike for me and my family were the main reason why it turned out the way it has. It was all the simple things like having food to eat when returning home from a training ride which my mam and my dad were top class at doing so and also transporting me around the country every single weekend in order to get the racing into my legs.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 19.44.31And what about your new Team iTap, what makes iTap different from your domestic club? iTAP is the best thing since the sliced pan, there are 5 of us on the team (Myself, Darragh Bailey, David Brody, Jordan McGinley and Curtis Gilmore) we all get on like a house on fire and this is a key feature in the success of a team like iTAP. Jonathan Gibson the founder and manager of the team makes us all feel like pros on the team which makes it very enjoyable, his wealth of experience is priceless and we all love sitting down talking about the pro life and listening to his past experiences. iTap is like no other domestic club the rider comes first and that’s it, were always improving in our game and this is something you do not get from any domestic based club in this country.

Give us an idea of what your week is like as a full-time bike rider while in school?

The usual week  for me at this time of year is very time focused. The fact that I am doing the leaving cert this year makes it harder for me to find the time to train. Luckily enough for me one of our team sponsors is Sports and Exercise Engineering and they have developed a top notch training programme for me to follow. On Monday it’s usually an hour of a recovery ride, Tuesday is a session in the gym which is usually an hour and a half following this I come home and head out on the bike a do some strength work on the bike. It’s all mainly neuromuscular focused. On Wednesday I have an other strength focused session which is again on the bike. On Thursday I head to the gym for another killer leg session following this I head out on the bike and do some tempo based work. On Friday it’s another recovery ride and I try and do a bit of a stretching session also trying to help my body recover. On Saturday I head out on the road for a long endurance ride which is usually 5 hours long with some big gear work thrown in in the middle. On the Sunday I again do another endurance ride which is 6 hours which is a good hard session. Following all of my training session I come home and eat like an animal, anything I see I eat it! No regrets!

What are you ambitions for 2015?

For 2015 I hope to get some big wins under my belt. Ill be starting as an A2 and I hope to get a good few wins in this category. I also hope to head abroad to either France or Belgium and try and get a win under my belt. Hopefully ill get recognised by one of the pro teams and get a contract for the following season.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 19.45.57What are the hardest things to manage in life now as opposed last year? Trying to get a good combination of rest and studying is one of the hardest things to do as opposed to last year. Once I get the leaving cert out of the way I will pull the trigger and destroy all around me on the racing scene here at home! No Regrets! I’m ready for what ever comes at me! But my social life has definitely taken a big hit, I don’t get to go out with my friends as much as I like to but at the end of the day it’s one or the other.

Where do you see yourself in 2016?

In 2016 I hope to see myself riding on a pro team of some description with my main goal to become a pro tour rider! A lot of people laugh when I say that but I ignore them, because they haven’t achieved anything themselves. But with all going to plan hopefully the Tour de France will see Daire Feeley in the peloton.

What’s your favourite music for the turbo?

My favourite Music on the turbo is definitely good old ACDC with a bit of thunderstruck before an interval starts gives me that race like feeling. Balls to the wall and flat out when I hear something like “Highway to Hell”.

Whats your favourite food & drink on the bike?

My favourite training drink is definitely a drop of Ribena she does the world of good. Food wise I like the iTap secret rocket fuel zoom bars. One bar would do ya for 200k.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 19.45.09Whats your pet hate in cycling? My pet hate in cycling is lads not riding through in a session of up and over. It drives me insane when they don’t ride through I just keep on driving up the pace until there fit for a body bag, only way to deal with them.

Whats your favourite thing about cycling?

My favourite thing about cycling is most definitely racing and not just racing it’s winning them. Coming across the line 2 minutes ahead of the rest is just the best feeling in the world. Nothing beats it.

Whats your favourite race?

My favourite race is definitely Paris Roubaix by far the best rider wins and there’s never any sprinters hiding away til the end because sprinters are only soft and not able for hardship (hahahaha isnt that right Bailey?)

What professional rider do you wish to emulate?

The professional rider who inspires me the most is defiantly Cadel Evans just a legend of a man. A hard hard bas*ard who can just do anything pure power and determination helps him win races and I really like this characteristic!

What is your favourite type of training session?

My favourite type of training session is definitely strength sessions. Grinding out the 53 11, there’s no better feeling. This is where you separate the men from the boys.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 19.46.09What is your fastest time to fix a puncture? 
My fastest time to fix a puncture? Well it would definitely be quicker then Bailey sprinting, he’s as slow as a snail.

How long can you hold a wheelie for? I couldn’t hold a wheelie to save my life. That just ain’t my thing. But if wouldn’t be as long as it takes Jordan to eat his dinner!

What your favourite Movie?

My favourite movie is definitely “Saving Private Ryan”. A quality film, the best of the best.

Who’s your dream Girl?

My favourite girl? Well definitely one who cycles and she has to have a good body. A good arse would also be nice.

Who’s your training partner?

My training partner is Nedzer from Roscommon Town a pure bailer of a man called Darragh Bailey.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 19.50.08Have you ever put wintergreen on your shammy by mistake? I’ve never put wintergreen on my shammy but if u ever did I’d definitely be riding the bike shirtless for the day.

Can you trust your new team mates not to switch the wintergreen and shammy cream tubs? Well I wouldn’t trust Brody as he’s just too quiet ya never know what he’s thinking haha. Sly as a fox!


And a parting word?

Do what your told when training other wise you will never improve! Train hard and do what ever ya want after that. You have no limits and always remember a negative mind will never give you a positive life!

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