Irish Talented Athlete Program (iTap)

The Irish Talented Athlete Program otherwise know as iTap is a vehicle used to run and promote a cycling scholarship program in Ireland for young cyclists who wish to become full-time professional athletes. iTap will run and manage a Cycling Team for these athlete through 2015, 16 & 17. The team, its support vehicles, social media platform and daily exposure through team clothing and on the road travel provides an excellent advertising and promotional platform for any business. The service to the athletes is provided free of charge with the assistance of our partners and sponsors.

The program provides services such as full-time coaching, management, race support, equipment, physio & injury management but to name a few. These services are required for the athletes to reach his or her goals and are provided to the athlete with the support of our partners and sponsors. Without the partners and sponsors this program would not exist.

The project was founded and is currently managed by Jonathan Gibson. Mr Gibson has managed and developed athletes to European & World Championship standard in various sports. His drive and goal is to develop iTap in conjunction with its parnters & sponsors into a world class development program. Our platform generates in excess of 200,000+ hits per month and would be a cost effective addition to any business.

Year in and year out Irish sports loose so many athlete’s on the bridge between the domestic and the professional full-time competition circuit. The program provides the  tools needed by the athlete and assists them in crossing that bridge.

We would like to encourage you to use our partners and sponsors to support this program. A full list is available HERE.  Should you be interested in sponsoring or partnering with the project please do hesitate to contact us HERE.

Our site is free to navigate and comment on. If you are interested in being involved and assisting us in our journey with these young athletes please contact us HERE.

If you are an athlete and you think you might have what it takes please use HERE

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Team iTap

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